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Pictures courtesy of Connecticut Children's Medical Center intoeing outtoeing page

Intoeing, Out toeing, Knock Knees

In toeing, out toeing
In toeing, out-toeing, tripping and falling 

Toeing in

Knock Knees, Bow legs
Bowlegs & knock knees 

Bow legs and Knock knees

Club feet
Club foot

Flat feet
Flat feet and shoes, tripping, falling and growing pains

Flat foot

Limb length inequality and treatment
Limb length inequality evaluation and treatment

Limb lengthening and Deformity correction service

Intoeing (family dr.org)

Upper Extremity Tendon transfers 

Tibialis Posteria 

Tendon Transfers for Radial Nerve Palsy 


Cascade Prosthetics & Orthotics



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