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This site started out as a small project to help parents find information about orthopedic procedures that were being recommended for their child. Once I started though, I found a lot of
links and decided that it would be best to include as many links as possible so that parents could find a lot of information with a minimum of time used. As my child has cp and the orthopedic procedures she's had done are common in children with cp most of the info I've included is from this bias. Some of the links will be repeats of others. It also seems that some things (pre op tests, type of cast) differ from hospital to hospital. You'll also find that there are
many links from the same general reference material. I did this so that a parent wanting to know about a derotational osteotomy could go directly to the site discussing it without having to search through miscellaneous hip information. In short; I've done the searching for you. Please feel free to let me know if you've found other sites, or if any of the sites that you find here are no good. I've included a few links related to other treatments such as botox, baclofen
and selective dorsal rhizotomies. I've not done any major searches for them as I know many of the parents who's children have had these procedures have excellent links on their own pages. Feel free to link this page to your own. I'd appreciate you letting me know if you are doing so


When we're dealing with Orthopedic questions regarding our children, many of the terminology used is confusing.  Check out the following references.

Glossary of Physiotherapy Terms A - M

Glossary of Physiotherapy Terms N - Z

Wheeless Text Book of Orthopaedics 

Cerebral Institute of Discovery - CP Treatments


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